Apostle Steven & Tina Anders at OMI 
 Apostle Steven & Tina Anders at OMI 
 Apostle Steven & Tina Anders at OMI 

Welcome to Inspired Word Ministries

Our prayer for you is that the blessings of God will overtake you and your family. May the Authority of the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you that you may understand the truth of the Word Of God. We pray that every season of your life will be blessed, and no season will become an illusion in your life. 
                              Prophetess Tina and I pray that your home will be a Kingdom reflection of the Love and peace of God. We bless your children, marriage, home and ministry. We pray that the divine love of God be upon everything that you do. There will be no financial lack in your home, we pray for God given Kingdom surplus in your life. Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry, God bless you.

-Apostle Steven and Tina Anders


Inspired Word Ministries

3410 W Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, WI   53210
t. 507-481-3595


Hear the Voice of the Lord with accuacy to minister effectively in this Kingdom time. The Voice of The Kingdom Prophetic Institute is geared with Kingdom enriched teaching that will help every believer to grow in there prophetic calling. These prophetic classes will provide Kingdom insight, deeper revelation and will help you to walk in divine dominon authority. If you are interested in hosting The Voice of The Kingdom Workshops in your area contact Inspired Word Ministries at iwm3410@gmail.com requesting dates, time, location and a represenative will be in touch

Prayer Request

personal prayer

 posted by: brenda morris on 3/12/2016

please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time... Read More

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Prayer Request

 posted by: Phil Chavez on 12/24/2015

I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women... Read More

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New job

 posted by: Richa Rose Bhatty on 12/20/2015

Please pray for me that I get success and blessings in my new job and also that my colleagues... Read More

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personal prayer

 posted by: brenda on 11/5/2015

please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time... Read More

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Join Inspired Word Ministries in The Prophetic Movement

         Join us each Saturday in Elkhart Indiana @ 1 pm 411 Brady Street  and Sunday at 12 noon 3410 West Burleigh Street Milwaukee Wisconsin for Apostolic Prophetic training at, Inspired Word Ministries. These Prophetic classes are intended to bring kingdom believers into a comprehension of the Apostolic Move of God in the Church today. These powerful teachings are intended to engage, challenge and extend their initiative capacities so people can lead and administer God's way in their scope of authority. These Saturday training classes is intended for all authority levels from starting church pioneers to prepared senior pioneers.